Five Ways to Maintain Decorative Terrazzo Floors

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Flooring

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You used to only see them in hotel lobbies and corporate buildings, but now decorative Terrazzo floors are a popular choice even for homes. They are cost-effective, last long, and are easy to maintain. Here are five ways to keep a decorative Terrazzo floor always looking beautiful and shiny.

1. Mop it Regularly

Dust and dirt can damage your decorative floor, so be sure to wipe it at least weekly once. Interior designer, Natalie Myers from the Houzz website, recommends using a microfiber dust mop since it produces static electricity that picks up surface debris effectively. If you have to damp mop, do not use heavy detergent, but choose a cleaner with a neutral pH instead. Using acidic and caustic cleaners such as ammonia and bleach can destroy your floor’s finish.

2. Always Keep it Dry

Regardless of whether you installed a highly chemical-resistant finish, wipe away water and other liquid spills immediately. Do not use hot water on the floor as it may seep into your coating and stain it, according to How to Clean Stuff website.

3. Re-coat or Reapply Finish

Your decorative flooring is subject to all sorts of scratches, especially from heavy foot traffic. To maintain your floor’s luster, apply a commercial grade floor finish or recoat it using spray buffing. Just be sure to apply the finish uniformly and let it dry out for about 30 minutes.

4. Put Plastic off the Floor

Do not place any object made of plastic on top of the floor, since they contain elements that bond with your floor’s finish, which will eventually cause discoloration. If you have to place furniture or other equipment, use felt pads or sliding casters to protect the floor’s surface. Most experts say to avoid tape, as it can remove the finish and leave permanent adhesive marks on your decorative floor.

5. Use Mats for Entryways

To prevent unwanted debris from scratching your floor’s surface, use mats – especially in areas with heavy traffic like doors and entryways. You may choose from shag carpets, fabricated, or thick absorbent mats. The matting needs to have a solid rubber backing, and not acrylic or plastic.

Get a decorative floor that gives full value to your money without sacrificing style and durability. With proper care and maintenance, it is an investment that could last a lifetime.

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