Five Secrets Your Cosmetic Dentist in Panama City FL Wants You To Know

Posted by admin on January, 2020

Dentists are always learning new techniques and helping their patients in new and different ways. However, they also want their patients to know about five things that could change the way they feel about certain procedures. Your cosmetic dentist in Panama City FL wants you to understand certain things, which can then help you make a decision about the types of procedures you want to have done.

No Specialty

It may shock you to know that there is no such thing as cosmetic dentistry and that any general dentist can do elective procedures. While there have been some people that want to make the area of elective dental services into a specialty, general dentists would then have to become certified to do those procedures.

Dentists Don’t Have To Have Advanced Training

Dentists who perform elective procedures aren’t necessarily required to have any advanced training though the education is available to those who want to learn. Therefore, when seeking out someone to perform these appearance-heightening procedures, look for those that have advanced training that is accredited by the AACD. If you cannot find one locally that has AACD-accredited training, at least find someone who has undergone continuing education.

Dental Labs Are Important

Even though most people worry about their dentists, it is also important to consider the dental laboratory that is making your items, such as veneers. There are some cosmetic dentists in Panama City FL that have on-site laboratories to create these things, but most are sent off to be created. Make sure you ask the dental professional which laboratory they use and do your research before choosing to have the procedure done.

Foreign/Non-certified Labs

Again, dentists aren’t required to use certified laboratories and in many cases, foreign labs are less expensive. While this is usually trickled down to you, the consumer, the lab may use inferior materials or materials that aren’t approved for use by the FDA. While it is still your choice to use that lab and dental professional, you have the right to know that the laboratory isn’t in the United States.

Risks of Porcelain Veneers

While porcelain veneers offer many benefits, there are risks that you should know. Veneers can be worn down or damaged, which will require replacements. These replacements will cost you more money and be an inconvenience. Your teeth could also become more vulnerable to sensitivity and trauma.

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