Five Factors to Consider When Buying Women’s Triathlon Wetsuits

Posted by Phineas Gray on December, 2014

Triathlon competitions subject the competitor’s body to different strenuous events that are aimed to test their endurance, agility and skills. A woman competing in triathlon events must have the necessary equipment to keep them safe while running, biking, and swimming. A wetsuit is a gear that many woman triathletes use when they reach the swimming part in the competition; it keeps them warm when the water is too cold, helps them by adding buoyancy and keeps the water out. A woman triathlete should consider five factors in making her choice.


Comfort should be a prime consideration for a competitive athlete who needs to focus her mind on the race and not be bothered by uncomfortable clothing. One of the ways to ensure maximum comfort is proper fitting. The wetsuit must not be too tight that it hinders movement and not too loose, that it flaps around. When trying on the wetsuit, the area around thighs, arms and shoulders should be comfortable.

Protection from cold water

Apart from comfort, another important factor to consider when choosing a wetsuit is how well it can protect the body from cold. In the fitting room, the neck and sleeves should be airtight to keep the water from entering the suit. The material must also be good enough in keeping body heat from escaping. Searching the Internet for the best wetsuit material would be a good idea.

Water maneuverability

The added buoyancy that wetsuits provide is one of the reasons many triathletes choose to wear one during the swimming part of the competition. Because swimming involves moving the arms constantly, a good wetsuit must be thinner around the shoulder and arms. For additional buoyancy, the rest of the wetsuit should be thicker.


A wetsuit must be durable. Triathlon is a harsh sport, so a competitor’s gear should be strong enough to endure the abuse it will go through. A wardrobe malfunction in the middle of an event will not only affect how a triathlete performs, it will also cause embarrassment that she would remember for a long time. A durable triathlon wetsuit can also be used many more times than those that are of lower quality.

Color and design

It may not help a triathlete physically, but wearing a wetsuit with a design they like can give her a boost of confidence and cheer them before the race kicks off.  Physical strength is not the only factor that makes someone win a triathlon competition. State of mind also plays a big part.

Winning a triathlon race includes choosing the right gear for each event. In the swimming part of the competition, it could be the wetsuit that could make a person win or lose. This is why the above tips are very useful.

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