First-Rate Residential Pest Control in Ventura

Posted by Phineas Gray on July, 2018

There are certain dangers that come into play when dealing with an infestation in your home. Some are more on the level of being an annoyance, while others can result in not only dangers presented to your home, but your family as well. It is imperative that you contact an exterminator the second that you suspect you have an issue at your residence. Click here for more details about residential pest control in Ventura.

The Danger an Infestation Can Present

As mentioned above, some breakouts can serve as just an incredible annoyance, like an outbreak of ants, silverfish or crickets. None of them present any real danger to your loved ones unless of course they cause too many sleepless nights.

The more severe and dangerous types of infestations would be that of fleas, rats, mice, bees and wasps. Not only do they tend to be aggressive in your home, with the exception of the flea which doesn’t care what you do, but they present a real health risk. Rats and mice love to live in basements and eat into stored food and chew through wires. They can also carry diseases. Fleas are another method of disease transportation. They were the cause of the black plague in Europe. Bees and wasps can be dangerous to anyone in the home which might be allergic to their stings, which can result in dangers being presented to the health of your family, should a reaction occur.

A termite infestation left unchecked over years can put your home’s stability in extreme jeopardy, due to unchecked feasting on your beams and support columns. Don’t leave any of these possible infestations go unanswered, please go to and see what they can offer you to make sure that your home and your family are safe and protected.

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