Finding The Ideal Production CNC Machining Service

Posted by Timothy Harvard on October, 2018

In any industry, where large volume orders of machined parts or components is a factor, finding the right production CNC machining provider is a crucial decision. By choosing wisely, any OEM can find a true partner company to provide quality parts made to meet the tolerances and specifications required.

It is important to realize that choosing a production CNC machining service does not mean giving up on precision parts. In fact, through the use of CNC (computer numerical control) machining, all parts are made to the precise standard required. As computers are controlling the machining center or equipment, each path of the cutting tool is an exact replica of the original drawing, leading to precision parts at production speeds.

Large Volume Orders

Services that offer CNC machining for production have the latest in equipment and streamlined systems to decrease the amount of time required for order turnaround. With this type of system in place, orders can be taken from drawing to full-scale production in extremely short time periods.

These companies also have the internal capacity to manage production orders. Some of the smaller machining shops are designed for prototyping and small volume orders, and they do not have the expertise, experience, and equipment to complete the big orders on the schedule required by the OEM.

Lean Production Methods

A key characteristic of companies offering production CNC machining services is the integration of lean processing principles. This is essential in helping to reduce the cost per unit of producing parts and components without any corresponding drop in quality.

Combining high quality with lower production costs and faster speed in processing the order creates the ideal solution for any OEM. This is true for one-time single large volume production requirements or for ongoing, standing orders for manufacturing and fabrication companies.

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