Finding Reliable And Fast Pest Control Services

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on November, 2023

The last thing any homeowner wants to spot is a termite or ten crawling around in the kitchen after dropping their wings. Usually, that means the house has literally been colonized by the little buggers. Once termites set up their nests in the attic and between the walls, the whole house is in danger. Termite damage can result in thousands of dollars in repair and rebuilding costs if left unchecked.

But termites aren’t the only pests that plague homeowners. Cockroaches, silverfish, and bedbugs also love to make their home inside your home. Bedbugs have become especially annoying in recent years as their populations have exploded, especially in the South and in large cities. Infested mattresses almost have to be taken out and burned, as in the old days. And they also lodge themselves in sofas, padded kitchen chairs, and rugs. Worse is how you might unintentionally bring these unwanted tiny guests home after spending a few days in a hotel after they’ve infiltrated clothing and luggage. And they are nearly impossible to get rid of by normal DIY means.

This is when there is no real choice but to call in Be There Pest Control, professional Pest Control Services in Edina, to deal with these creatures attacking the home. When termites are the problem, the pest control and removal technicians will first perform a free inspection, then get to work when the infestation is identified. The use of EPA-approved termiticides to treat all wood framing inside the house and walls and the ground around the foundations can eliminate existing colonies. In extreme cases, it might be necessary to tent the entire house for a complete internal fogging, but they will consult fully with the homeowner before taking such a step. Being fatal to bedbugs, heat remediation soon eliminates that problem. And all exterminations are done with safety in mind, both to prevent the danger of fire and lingering chemical influence afterward. A regular program of inspection and pest control maintenance ensures there will be no secondary infestation. Contact Be There Pest Control for more formation.