Finding Money for Cancer Patients

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Financial Services

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There are many dark sides to cancer, but one side that is not often discussed is finding money for cancer patients. While the patient’s life is put in a holding pattern because of treatments and the illness itself, the rest of life marches on. Bills still have to be paid, clothing has to be bought, it costs money to get back and forth to treatments and in most cases income has been drastically reduced.  It is a very real issue. Financial stress can get in the way of effective treatment, but it is very difficult for a patient to focus on wellness when they have a huge cloud looming over them.

Finding the Money
There are funds and groups that can help out with some financial assistance but it is rarely enough. Patients find themselves falling shorter and shorter each month on funding for their everyday bills. Having a conversation that explores all the options can be a huge help in this situation.

Taking Off the Strain
Reducing the financial strain can easily help treatments to offer more positive results.  Once a patient can focus on the treatments and not worry about paying bills or dealing with other financial issues, they have a better chance at seeing results.

Money is available in the right situations to:
*Provide a safety net
*Use at will
*Enhance the quality of life

For some patients just knowing that the money is there is enough for other patients improving their quality of life by taking that vacation they have always put off is their goal. Ultimately the money can be used for anything that they choose, as it should be.

Fifth Season Financial should be an option offered to every cancer patient that needs options to ease their financial worries.

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