Finding a Fully Accredited School for Architecture and Design

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2020

There are many schools on the market today that offer classes and degrees in architecture. Most of these schools claim to be fully accredited by one accrediting body or another, but it is important that you truly find out whether a school is accredited or not before wasting your money, time, and future.

The first way to know if a school is accredited or not would be to examine their reviews. Constant complaints about not being able to find a job and the industry not taking the degree or certification seriously are clear indications of accreditation problems. You may even be able to connect with a social media group and examine more reviews on those sites.

Another route would be to call major accrediting agencies in your area and throughout the country to see if the industrial design school your interested in is on their opt-in list. You can find a list of these agencies online, at local universities, and at local libraries. While contacting these agencies, you may also want to contact the Better Business Bureau. A legit school will definitely have a great record with the BBB.

An official school offering a degree in architecture is SAIC or the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Their accreditation by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design gives their industrial design school a bit of royalty in Chicago, and their Higher Learning Commission accreditation gives value to their architecture program in all 50 states. This means students will have more of an opportunity to do what they love while living wherever they desire. You can contact the School of the Art Institute of Chicago here

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