Financing Vehicle Rims: What You Need To Know

Posted by Phineas Gray on February, 2015

Financing rims for your car can certainly be a real headache. It’s hard to tell which company to go with for the rim and tire financing for your car’s style. So many companies boast about their brands, loyal vendors, and brand exclusivity. Finding the right wheel and tire package which precisely fits your car requires a lot of research which not many people have time for.

Exclusive configurators, rim plus-sizing guides, knowledgeable sales staff, massive wheel selections…It can be a lot to handle. Financing rims online isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially if you are looking for current, cutting edge custom wheels on a tight budget. You want something to set you apart from the rest, but how do you finance your rims?

The main things to look for when choosing a company with whom to finance your wheels are: knowledge, quality, and easy of buying. You want sales consultants with years of experience in attachment of custom wheels under their belts. You also want to look for great approval processes which are easy and fast without a whole lot of legal mumbo-jumbo.

First, look for financing requirements. Many companies require a minimum monthly income of $1000, and a minimum of 180 days of employment at your current job location. You will need a checking account which has been open for at least 90 days, without any overdrafts. Many companies also require an application fee, usually in the neighborhood of $40- $50, which have to be paid immediately at the time of purchase. Check for their In-House Financing prices, all companies are different.

Next, you want to look for any payment options the company may have available. Do they accept payments from anyone with bad credit? What about no credit? What sorts of discounts, if any, are available?

Finally, how easy is it to buy from them? Is their website easy to navigate? Do they make the financing options easy to understand, or is it confusing and muddled? Do you know every fine point of the agreements, or do they leave some parts vague? These are vital points to address when looking to finance rims.

Audio City USA is the world’s best consumer wheels and tires store, and should be your top choice in financing your rims. With extensive experience, a flexible credit option, easy-to-understand agreements, great return and cancellation policies, payment options, and warranties, there is no doubt, Audio City USA has earned its rank as “world’s best”. Check them out for one-stop financing. You won’t even need to do all those hours of research; they make it easy for you.