Features to Consider with a New Residential Security System in Grand Rapids

Posted by admin on June, 2015

Everything about the new home is great with one exception.  There is no security system in place.  Before calling the first provider that comes to mind, it pays to spend a little time finding out more about the different systems on the market.  With a little planning, it will be possible to choose the right Residential Security System in Grand Rapids and be happy with the results.

Security Alarms

When considering the merits of any Residential Security System in Grand Rapids, find out exactly how the security alarms work.  There is usually the audible alarm that sounds when someone enters the home without keying the proper code into the system control.  At the same time, there is often a silent alarm that alerts the security company that something is going on.  By understanding how they work, it will be easier for every member of the household to grasp the importance of deactivating the alarm when entering the home, and turning it on when leaving.

Motion Detectors

The motion detectors make it easier to track activity occurring when no one is home.  Keep in mind that the settings can ensure the alarm does not go off every time the family dog enters the living room.  Ask about how to structure the settings so only unauthorized activity like someone crawling through a window would cause the motion detectors to activate the alarm.

Video Cameras

The ability to capture video is one of the more important features of the home security system.  Opt for cameras that activate when motion is detected near points of entry, or inside the home when everyone is gone. Ideally, the video captured should upload to a secure cloud location.  This helps to preserve the footage if the cameras are spotted and subsequently disabled by an intruder.

Calling for Help

Remember that security systems are not always about keeping intruders out of the home.  They are sometimes a means of calling for help when a homeowner begins to experience chest pains or breaks a bone due to a fall.  With the right system, it is possible to call for help and have a team on the way in no time.

Homeowners who are ready to invest in a new system can click here for more info about the options currently available.  In no time at all, the home will be secure from intruders and the owner can enjoy a measure of peace.