Fast and High-Quality Push-Button-Action Kershaw Automatic Launch Knife

Automatic knives by Kershaw are among the fastest around. Trying one out makes it unmistakable, these are some of the most wicked designs anyone could have. They’re unique in the world of knives because of their push-button opening mechanism that can also hold a blade open as a piston lock. There’s no doubt, they’re the fast and smooth knives that get talked about.

Launch Knife Features

A Kershaw launch knife includes advantageous features, like CPM-154 steel blades that include a working finish for maintaining sharpness and durability and hiding scratches, a reversible pocket clip for tip-up secure carrying and, of course, convenient single-hand operation with the push-button open and close feature.

Launch Knife Types

The Kershaw launch knife comes in an extensive line of designs. Some of these unique designs include:

The Kershaw Launch 1 with a black-oxide finish on the CPM-154 blade, an anodized aluminum handle, four-ounce weight and a 3.4″ blade length with an overall length of 8 inches

The Kershaw Launch 4 with a DLC blade coating, anodized aluminum handle, 1.8-ounce weight, 1.9″ blade length and 5.1″ overall length

The Kershaw Launch 6 with a DLC coating, anodized aluminum handle, 3.8-ounce weight, 3.75″ blade length and an 8.7″ overall length

The Kershaw Launch 7 with a DLC coating, anodized aluminum handle, 3.2-ounce weight, 3.75″ blade length and an overall length of 8.6 inches

A Wide Range of Auto Knives

Whatever type of knife you’re looking for, Viper Tec has an exceptional range of knife designs that will match your budget, including the Kershaw launch knife. If you’re looking to add the perfect auto knife to your collection, call the professionals at (877)4VIPER or visit online at today.