FAQs About Commercial Roofing In Burleson, TX

Posted by Daniel lawrence on March, 2017

In Texas, commercial property owners must follow specific guidelines when managing their roofing. These guidelines prevent possible issues that could lead to property damage or personal injuries. These property owners have a better solution to their roofing problems with these guidelines and assistance through professionals. The following are FAQs about Commercial Roofing in Burleson TX.

How Often Should Property Owners get an Inspection?

As a general rule of thumb, they should schedule an inspection each year. These inspections identify problem areas that should be addressed to prevent possible damage. These steps can lower the expense of maintaining the roof and give the owner better solutions for keeping it stable. The inspections are typically free through the owner’s preferred roofing contractor.

Does the Property Insurance Cover a New Roof?

The terms of the property insurance identify what services are covered by the insurance policy. Typically, the property insurance covers roofing as well as the overall building after a weather-related event. These insurance policies provide coverage for a new roof based on the age and condition of the existing roofing. This could provide the owner with a new roof based on the total number of claims they have filed for this installation.

How are Claims Filed When Damage Occurs?

The owner has two choices. They can contact a roofing contractor who will conduct an inspection and file the claim as needed. They could also contact their insurer directly to complete a claim. Typically, the insurance provider will need an estimate for services. If the roofing contractor completes the claim, this could save the homeowner invaluable time and reduce the impact of roofing damage.

What is Available Through a Service Contract?

The service contracts cover general maintenance and repairs. This enables the owner to acquire services when adverse developments form on the roofing materials. The roofing contractor will also address issues that prevent water from draining off the roofing as well.

In Texas, commercial property owners must maintain their roofing to reduce possible issues. These issues could equate to building code-related violations that could prove costly. They also include conditions that could lead to further difficulties.