Experience the Unique Living Opportunity of the Hudson Yards

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Real Estate

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New York City offers the residents with an extraordinary living experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. A busy city that is constantly bustling with activities, New York is loved by both the residents and visitors of the city. An area well-known as home to numerous celebrities and the affluent, residents enjoy the many features the city offers. The Hudson Yards Development adds to these features by providing residents with five different options to select from when choosing a place to live in the city. Nestled in the middle of New York is a real estate development that combines both work and home for the residents.

Entertainment Galore

The Hudson Yards Development provides residents with a wide-range of businesses that offer any type of service that they can need. From fine dining to state-of-the-art hospitals, the area is surrounded by some of the most coveted establishments in the world. Residents within this are will have access to exclusive events, opportunities to shop at fashionable stores, and top-priority to reservations at various elite restaurants in the city. Along with the open space provided by three different parks that allow them the opportunity to enjoy the lush green urban space close to their home.

Services Offered to Residents

  • Greeted each day by a Doorman to assist them into the building.
  • Concierge service 24-hours a day to help arrange any reservations or other services the residents may require.
  • Residents will have access to in-residence salon services and spa treatments.
  • Assistance in planning any special event residents may be hosting and catering services.
  • Priority entrance at local attractions and establishments in the area
  • Individuals that offer personal assistance and shopper services.
  • A spa that specializes in caring for the residents’ pets.
  • Assistance in packing or unpackaging their luggage, or staff that will grocery shop and restock their refrigerator for the occupants of the buildings.

World-Class Treatment in an Extraordinary Neighborhood

Residents of Fifteen Hudson Yards benefit in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in New York City. Luxury residential buildings that offer distinguishing types of homes to fit anyone’s taste and lifestyle. The beautifully designed living spaces offer a dramatic view of the river and surrounding area for the occupants of the building to enjoy. Residents can enjoy the bustling streets of the city by day and slip away to the tranquility of their home at night.

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