Excellent Tips for Planning a Texas Winery Trip

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Business

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If you are looking for an exciting vacation option and plan to head to Texas, one of your options is to visit a winery. Texas is one of the largest wine manufacturing areas in the United States so finding a destination that fits your budget and your style is easier than you might think. Before you head off on vacation, there is some planning you need to do to make the most of this exciting trip.

Consider the Trip Length

The first thing to decide is how long you have to enjoy the trip. If you are only going to be in the state for a few days, you may want to stick to a single winery. If you have a week or more, it can be fun to check out a few vineyards and sample different sorts of wine. Having an idea of how long you can stay will also help you determine a realistic budget.

Set Your Budget for the Trip

When you sit down to decide on your budget, make sure to consider everything from transportation fees, lodging fees, cost of dining, and cost for touring wineries. The good news is that choosing to visit Texas is much less expensive than heading to Napa Valley or Bordeaux, France. However, it’s still important to be realistic and ensure you won’t be disappointed by the options available to you.

Selecting the Type of Experience

Some wineries offer tastings, while others offer tours, and some provide both for a more inclusive experience. A tour will generally be guided by an employee of the winery and will take you through the property before ending in a tasting. A pure tasting will usually involve purchasing a flight of wines made by the vineyard, which gives you an idea of the styles of wine that location provides.

Acquire Reservations

Now that you know what your budget is, where you may want to visit, and what experiences you are interested in, it’s time to reserve your spot. Some wineries do not require reservations, but many do, so it’s best to find out early. This gives you time to make sure you can visit on the days you’ll be in town.

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