Everything You Need to Know About a Fixed Cardiac PET Site in New York

by | Feb 20, 2023 | Health and Medical

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Technology has been improving significantly over the past decade leading to the development of devices that will enhance diagnosis in medicine. Scans such as the fixed cardiac PET site in New York have enabled doctors to save patients and detect cardiovascular issues on time. This technology offers superior imaging quality compared to traditional methods. Additionally, it allows the doctor to issue effective treatment plans after making an accurate disease diagnosis.

What Is a PET Scan?

A cardiac positron emission tomography (PET) scan is an imaging tool that uses traces of radioactive substances to check your cardiovascular system. Common radioactive tracers used include Nitrogen-13 ammonia, Oxygen-15 water, and Ribidium-82. This highly sensitive diagnostic tool helps cardiologists detect coronary artery disease and other cardiovascular issues.

Benefits of a Cardiac PET Scan

Cardiac PET scans measure the blood flow between your heart muscles and coronary arteries. The Cardiac PET can detect injured or dead cardiac muscles and send high-resolution images to the monitor. Since the detection is timely and accurate, patients are reassured of early treatment if a cardiac issue is detected and prevent a heart attack.

PET scans have plenty of uses in the hospital setting, including detecting and evaluating cancer and major organs like the brain. Cardiac Imaging Inc. offers fixed cardiac PET site in New York, a non-invasive diagnostic tool to help your patients detect heart diseases early. They have more than twenty years of experience in PET imaging devices. Cardiologists with private clinics may order PET scans and partner with them by visiting their offices.

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