Enhance The Look Of Your Outside Space With Natural Stone Patio Pavers

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Home and Garden

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There are several different options when it comes to choosing materials for an outdoor patio. For a durable and very easy to maintain beauty, the best option is natural stone patio pavers. However, there are those who see man-made pavers as an option as well, at least until there is a closer examination of the pavers.

When the time comes to compare the two, there is very little in direct comparison. The natural beauty of travertine or marble natural stone patio pavers is one of a kind; something a man-made product cannot replicate or come close in approximating.

The Concrete Option

The most common material used in the creation and design of man-made patio pavers are precast pavers. These are poured cement pavers that are created to give the overall impression of a natural stone.

However, these patio pavers are not natural stone. The slight variations repeat, quickly marking them as a man-made product. They are also more likely to crack, especially during freeze and thaw cycles. Concrete, as everyone knows, is hot to the touch and will not absorb water, which is an essential consideration around a pool.

The Natural Stone Option

With natural stone patio pavers you have a true natural material. There are variations within each paver placed there by thousands of years of formation, creating a completely individual look with each paver.

Travertine patio pavers are unique from each other, giving character and visual appeal in a way a man-made product isn’t capable. The amazing colors created by the accumulation of different minerals and organic elements provide a range of color options from the colors in a cup of café au lait to rich golds, reds and even greens. In the background, you will see hints of other colors, including rustic reds, charcoals, silvers and even the rich warm colors of the grains of sand on a beach.

These natural patio pavers can be perfected with several different finishes to create the soft, inviting surface you want for your outdoor living space. From smooth and buttery to natural and weathered looking, these stone pavers are going to blend perfectly with your overall landscaping design as well as with your patio décor.

Last but not least, the durability of travertine patio pavers has no comparison. These stone pavers will only become more beautiful with age, retaining their color and intense or muted pattern for generations and adding value to your home.

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