Endodontic Treatment And Procedures

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on May, 2016

If you have one or more damaged or diseased teeth it is important that you, the patient, understand the various treatment options available. With new technology, treatments and materials there are more treatment options available today that there ever has been in the past.

Your general dentist is the individual that you first turn to. He or she will provide you with a proposal for treatment as well as any available alternatives; in this way you can make an intelligent and informed decision on the best choice. The alternatives may include a recommendation that you see a dental specialist.

Endodontic treatment in Chicago is important, it helps to maintain your natural appearance including your smile and it helps you to continue enjoying all of your favorite foods. When a tooth has had a root canal it will last as long, if not longer, than the rest of your natural teeth.

Two common procedures carried out by an endodontist are root canals and dental implants.

Root canal:

In the US millions of teeth are saved every year with a root canal. Contrary to what you might jokingly hear, getting a root canal today is no more complicated than getting a routine filling. With a root canal you can continue to exert normal biting forces and chew properly, your appearance will not change and by leaving the tooth in place, it protects neighboring teeth from excessive movement or wear.

Dental implant:

Another very common endodontic treatment in Chicago is the placing of dental implants. Although saving a natural tooth should be the first choice it is not always possible. If an endodontist cannot help save a tooth with a root canal, the only solution is to remove it. As a missing tooth can make anyone self conscious, negatively affect one’s ability to chew and bite and cause the teeth on either side of the gap to shift, a dental implant should be seriously considered. Contact Dental Specialists of South Loop & North Shore for Endodontic treatment at  http://www.endoperiosurg.com.

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