Emergency Plumbing Services Available

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2020

When you need plumbing help you want it now, not later. We can help you plan new plumbing systems for a home or office addition or help review the plumbing on a new home or office building you are thinking about so you know of any potential problems that may lay ahead. Whatever your needs are, if it plumbing related, we can help! Here’s a full listing of some of our services that you can choose from, whether you need routine service or emergency plumbing service in Nederland TX:

Services Offered by PB Plumbing

  • Leak detection and repair- check pipes and plumbing system for indoor/outdoor leaks

  • Slab leak detection and repair- make sure no water is leaking into your foundation slab

  • Clogged drains- remove clogs and ensure good water flow through your plumbing

  • Fixture replacement- replace old, damaged, leaky futures to save you money

  • House certifications- checks homes and offices for issues before sale or purchase

  • Water filtration system installation- keeps your drinking water safe and clean

  • Storm cleaning- ensures your plumbing is ready for any storms that threaten the are

  • Septic tank- cleaning and hook-up as well as routine maintenance and repairs

  • Water testing- check for water safety and reports and issues discovered

  • Home maintenance programs- keeps your home in tip top shape all year round

  • Business maintenance programs- keeps your office water system operating year after year

  • Tree root removal- removes roots that damage or threaten pipes and plumping system

  • Video camera inspection-state of the art inspection for deep pipe and plumbing problems

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For the best service available, call the plumbing experts from Larry’s Plumbing Company Inc. and let us take care of your emergency repair needs. Larry’s Plumbing Company Inc. has been serving the Nederland TX area for years and invites you to call and schedule your consultation appointment today to see the difference quality and excellence can make for all of your plumbing care needs!