Electric Range Installers in Henderson, NV: Bringing the Benefits of an Electric Range into Your Home

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Appliances

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Back in the 1820s, the first gas stoves entered the market. Those early units became popular almost immediately, but they were cumbersome, sometimes difficult to operate, and could be dangerous under certain circumstances. Almost 70 years later, electric models were introduced. They’ve risen to the top of the industry over the years. If you’re equipping a new kitchen or looking to upgrade from an old range, calling Electric Range Installers in Henderson NV rather than going with a gas model can be beneficial.

Lower Cost of Operation

Fuel of any type comes at a premium these days. Adding a gas stove to your kitchen could certainly drive up your home’s fuel costs a great deal, particularly if you cook often and use the oven on a regular basis. Though modern gas stoves are far more efficient than their older counterparts, they’re still a bit expensive to operate. Electric models don’t cost quite as much to use in a long-term sense.

Inexpensive Conversions

Retrofitting for gas appliances is quite a costly venture especially if a gas line isn’t already running to a home, so switching from an electric stove to a gas one may not be very practical. Converting from a gas range to an electric model, though, requires little more than disconnecting a gas line. Since there’s less work involved in the process for Electric Range Installers in Henderson NV, staying with an electric model or making the switch from gas to electric is less expensive than the alternative.

Easier Cleaning

Gas stoves vary in design. Some have gaps between the cooktop and the burners, so food and grease can easily build up underneath the surface. These units also have heavy grates to move every time the surface needs to be cleaned, which is usually after every meal. Electric models are much simpler to clean. Some have smooth cooktops while others have liftable burners, but both present less of a struggle.

These are only a few of the benefits of electric ranges. Though many insist gas versions are better because they continue to operate even when the power goes out, most new models have an electric igniter, so power outages still pose a problem. Visit the website to learn more or to schedule an appointment to have a new electric range installed.

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