Driving Offenses Are Serious And A Traffic Lawyer In Warrenton VA Should Be Contacted

Posted by Daniel lawrence on December, 2016

Some drivers think that driving offenses are not serious enough to contact an attorney about. In reality, these offenses can create serious problems for a driver now and in the future. Reckless driving, hit and run, speeding, DUI and other traffic offenses are very serious. Commercial truck drivers with any of these offenses could be prohibited from making a living in the future because of their driving infractions. Drivers that live out of state could still feel the pinch of points on their license after a speeding ticket has been issued. A traffic lawyer in Warrenton VA has a high success rate of having charges reduced or dismissed for their clients.

Reducing the chance of being convicted for a first or second DUI or DWI is very important. This type of charge does not disappear from a driving record. A second drunk driving conviction means the person will have mandatory jail time and incredibly high fines to pay. If someone’s in jail, the ability to make money to pay the fines is difficult. Minimizing the consequences of multiple convictions is the goal for a Traffic Lawyer in Warrenton VA. They will do everything possible to argue the fees and help to reduce the amount of penalty a driver will have to pay.

A traffic lawyer offers a free initial consultation so someone can be educated on their legal rights when they’re in this type of position. If someone is charged with reckless driving by speed, they could lose their driving privileges. Individuals that are charged with speeding will be assessed points and high fines. Fighting a speeding ticket with appropriate legal help can result in a better outcome than someone representing themselves. Most of Virginia’s driving offenses are reported to other states. Insurance premiums for the driver will be increased and they could lose their license in another state from points that were from Virginia.

Don’t be caught by surprise with the severe penalties that Virginia traffic violations can have on your life. An attorney understands the legal consequences and understands the possible defenses that can be used. If you’ve been charged with any type of traffic violation, meet Gayheart & Willis to discuss your case for free.

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