Don’t Let Cockroach Infestation in Perth Make You and Your Family Sick

by | Nov 3, 2023 | Pest Control Services

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Cockroach pest control in Perth is your best defense against cockroaches. The hazards to your health when in your home can be serious. The following information will tell you more about these nasty creatures and what they can do to your well-being.

Cockroaches are disgusting bugs that leave droppings all over the place. They thrive in areas that are warm and humid, so they are commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. These insects mostly come out of hiding at night, and they are active in the summer. Seeing them during the day could indicate a major infestation. Cockroaches reproduce at a rapid rate.

The cockroach is the spreader of diseases like Salmonella and dysentery. It can trigger allergic reactions, including asthma. These pests can harm your health by contaminating your food.

Because cockroaches are difficult to get rid of, long-term treatment is recommended. You can start by making sure they don’t have access to food and water, but you will have to hire an exterminator to eliminate them. These insects are so strong, they can live for a week without a head.

You will know you have cockroaches when you see them. Another sign of their presence is droppings. Feces from cockroaches looks like coffee grounds, and it has a musty and oily odor.

Call Flick Pest Control Perth if you see cockroaches in your home or business establishment. Don’t subject yourself to hazards to your health when in your home. Get cockroach pest control in Perth by calling 1-300-694-261. Go to the website at to request a free quote.

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