Dog Behaviors Perfected with Dog Obedience Training in Walnut Creek

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2016

Trying to live a balanced life with an untrained dog can be in a word a “nightmare”. Dog obedience training in Walnut Creek area can help you and your dog get on the path to a more balanced life where everyone will be happier. People often misconstrue what obedience training has to offer. It is not unkind to train your dog as a matter of fact it is actually kind and part of your responsibility as a dog parent.

Sit, Stay, Come

Three basic commands that every dog should learn are:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come

They are simple commands that can save a dog’s life. To be a good citizen when outdoors or when visitors come to the house, every dog should understand the concept of having a seat and staying in the seated position regardless of how exciting it seems to be up and around. These commands are also necessary to keep your dog away from dangerous situations like running into the road or chasing after another animal. Without training a dog has no idea what the rules are that they are supposed to follow. An untrained dog can be unruly and make life far more complicated than it has to be. Dog obedience training starts with the simple commands and can move on from there.

Stress Reducer

Many people that are living with untrained dogs are under a great deal of stress, even if they do not realize it. Something as simple as a doorbell ringing can start a struggle between trying to answer the door and trying to get control of the dog. It can be stressful to take your untrained dog out or let them off the leash when you are not confident that they will return when you call them. Dog obedience training is a sure fire way to reduce the stress of dealing with an unruly pet.

A well behaved dog that respects your boundaries that you have set for them can make life so much more enjoyable for the entire family. No more out of control barking, no more out of control yelling out of frustration at the dog. You can have confidence when walking your dog or even letting our dog off leash for some fun. It is very possible to have a dog with perfect behavior with a little patience and some professional training.

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