Do You Need a Product Liability Lawyer?

Posted by Phineas Gray on February, 2016

If you are developing a product or on a development team, then you may want to protect yourself and the business by considering a product liability lawyer. After all, you do not want to expose yourself to issues that arise if something does go wrong. A Coralville product liability lawyer can help in numerous ways. Here are just a few of the advantages that you can stand to benefit from:

Defects in Manufacturing

No manufacturing process is perfect and eventually, there will be a “bad egg” in the batch. In this type of situation, the buyer is most likely going to go after both the company that produced the product and the manufacture. When your brand is exposed to liability, not only could it possibly need to pay damages resulting from product injuries, but current production will also be hurt.

With a Coralville product liability lawyer on your side, you can ensure that your brand is receiving the quality defense that it needs. Your lawyer can find ways to absolve the brand from liability or to mitigate liability and subsequently, damages.

Creating a Warning Defect

Not only do you need to protect your product against any injuries that may arise from those who use your product, but you should also have a lawyer construct a warning defect. Warning defects ensure that you are not liable for injuries that result from a user using the product in a manner not consistent with the product’s purpose.

While it may seem easy to write your own warning defect, having a professional perform the task is the ultimate safeguard against someone misconstruing the warning defect.

The Negotiation Process

Another advantage of having a product liability lawyer on your side is that they are highly experienced in the negotiation process. Therefore, your lawyer will be able to negotiate with the user and the manufacturer to result in the best possible outcome. The lawyer may be able to reduce liabilities and protect the issue of the injury from filtering into the media. With these protections in place, you are able to best protect your brand and your business as a whole.

Overall, product liability can be tricky – which is why you need a quality attorney that you can trust. With the expertise and experience of a professional, you are making the best move for your business and your product.

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