Do You Need a Machine Shop in San Antonio TX for an engine rebuild?

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2020

When you’re looking for parts for your vehicle, a standard auto parts shop will usually suffice. However, if you want a fully rebuilt engine, you need a machine shop specializing in quality parts and expert mechanics. Here’s how a machine shop in San Antonio, TX, can help you with your engine rebuild.

Engine Rebuild

An engine rebuild is not merely replacing every part of the engine with a new part. A full motor rebuilds from a machine shop in San Antonio, TX is more involved than that. A machine shop will disassemble the entire engine and inspect every piece for signs of wear and damage.

While the engine is being rebuilt, the shop can also modify the engine for performance. For example, many people choose to have their cylinders bored out while they are having their engines rebuilt.

Bored Cylinders

Bored cylinders are a lower-cost way to increase your vehicle’s performance. Buying an entirely new engine can be expensive, but improving the size of your cylinders is much more affordable if you’re already having it rebuilt.

Boring the cylinders means widening the size of your cylinders to allow for more displacement, providing more horsepower. You will also need new pistons and likely a new head for that. Although this is a more involved process than a standard rebuild, it can significantly improve your vehicle’s performance.

Not every engine is compatible with bored cylinders; you should ask professionals what is right for your vehicle.