Do you know the difference between a general dentist and an endodontist?

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2020

Most people don’t know that there is a big difference between an ordinary dentist and an endodontist. When they are having problems with their teeth, few people would even know to search the Internet for the services of an Endodontist near Hyde Park, even though these are dental specialists with additional years of specialized training. For many of your regular problems with teeth, such as teeth whitening, check-ups and having cavities filled, a general dentist is perfectly equipped. However, if you need something more serious, such as root canal work, a qualified endodontist will have far more experience. For example, it’s estimated that a general dentist will be required to do about two root canals a week, while the average endodontist would perform about twenty-five. This gives you an indication of the different levels of expertise and experience.

When would you look for an endodontist near Hyde Park?

You may look to find a qualified endodontist near Hyde Park on your own, or sometimes your regular dentist will recommend that you visit one in order that you receive the highest possible quality care. If, of course, you belong to a practice that has a resident endodontist this is always first prize. Going to the dentist is not top of the list of a fun day out for most people. As a result, if you can find a practice where you feel comfortable, know and like the staff, have all your dental records, and can have all your different treatments performed in one place, this is the best solution.

Make certain you receive state-of-the art treatment

Older patients will know how much dentistry has changed over the years. The experience of visiting the dentist’s chair was once feared for a reason, but modern techniques have greatly alleviated discomfort. Methods of saving teeth and having an excellent outcome from a procedure are also greatly enhanced. Endodontists are committed to using the latest technology such as ultrasonic instrumentation and fiber optics so can truly treat their patients quickly and comfortably. Visit South Loop Dental Specialists online for more information.

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