Discovering What Is Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery in AZ

by | Sep 1, 2023 | Orthopedics

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As you get older, your knees can begin to suffer symptoms like locking up and significant pain. You may find it more difficult to walk up and down stairs. You also might have to take pain medicines to reduce swelling and discomfort in them.

When one of your knees reaches a point of wearing out completely, you might face the decision of whether or not to undergo an operation for it. You can make a sound decision by getting answers to what is minimally invasive knee replacement surgery.

Less Scarring
When you have put off this operation out of fear of incurring a large and noticeable scar on your leg, you may feel better about the fact this type of surgery utilizes a smaller incision. The incision may only be a few inches long, ensuring people notice it less and may not even notice it at all.

Further, you also avoid the hassle of having to worry about extensive suturing and changing out bandages over the incision. You may be able to wear just an adhesive bandage on it until you can get the incisions or staples removed in your knee.

Further, this type of operation may entail less discomfort than operations in the past. You avoid having to spend months or longer in pain while you recover. Find out more about what is minimally invasive knee replacement surgery online. To set up a consultation, reach out to Arthrobotix.

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