Discover The Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage Near Estes Park CO

Posted by Phineas Gray on April, 2021

Many people suffer from sore, stiff muscles and pain related to various issues. These issues can stem from overall poor health, exercise, stress, or just getting older. For many of these complaints, it has been found that deep tissue massage is an excellent way to combat them and make the patient feel relax and feel better. Deep tissue massage will do exactly what its name suggests, because the therapist will work deeply into the muscle layer of your back, shoulders, neck, and legs to realign the connective tissue and muscles and help them heal.

How Can Deep Tissue Massage In Estes Park CO Help Me?

Because of how intense deep tissue massage can be, it has been critically proven to be an ideal therapy and cure for many health complaints. The reason it is so effective is that it uses deep, direct pressure to break down the adhesions that are formed when muscles are injured and in pain. These adhesions are unhealthy because not only do they limit movement, but they can also cause the muscle to become inflamed which causes more pain. Here are some of the health issues that deep tissue massage near Estes Park CO can relieve:

-Sports injuries, such as strains, sprains, torn ligaments, etc.
-Chronic upper and lower back pain
-Relaxation and relief after workouts
-Posture problems
-Repetitive strain injuries
-Strained muscles
-Tensed or stressed muscles

What To Remember Before Getting Deep Tissue Massage

Although getting therapy from deep tissue massage can be very beneficial and help give relief from a variety of health complaints that result in soreness of the muscles, there are some instances where you should either be very careful when you get a massage or stay away from deep tissue massage entirely, such as right after surgery, if you have an infectious skin condition or open wound, a blood clot, or most heart diseases. Ask your doctor if you are unsure whether your condition permits a deep tissue massage. Make sure you do not eat a heavy meal right before getting a massage, and arrive a few minutes early if it is your first time getting a deep tissue massage. Afterwards, drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins, rehydrate your muscles, and further reduce any soreness; also refrain from doing any strenuous activity immediately after the deep tissue massage.