Digital Asset Management – To Protect Your Brand Name

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Business

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Digital asset management is vital to maintaining quality digital content for a specific brand. At LotVantage we specialize in digital asset management particularly for brands, so they can keep a tight grip on the presentation of their products across various distribution centers and dealerships.

Even if you think there is an abundance of sources for stock photos, it isn’t in your brand’s best interest to allow that room for error. If you have a specific digital asset folder accessible from browser-based software, you can guarantee the same quality presentation of your products. Your products are your legacy, make sure they are being showcased as the items that represent your brand with the utmost integrity. Our software ensures every dealership under your brand can have access to your digital assets 24/7/365!

Absolute Control of Your Brand, Right At Your Fingertips

At LotVantage we can help you set up a cloud based digital asset media library, using our sophisticated software you can truly maintain absolute control of what goes out with posts, articles, press releases, video submissions, etc. If you preserve your brand’s integrity and maintain continuity to its presentation, your brand with far exceed expectations. We’re here to help you with the long run goals for your brand. It’s just about keeping it clean and neat, and that’s what we do at LotVantage. To learn more about our digital services visit our site at Website URL. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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