Different ways to deal with alcoholism

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2015

It is often asked, “What is the best way to treat alcoholism?” The truth is; the best way is the way that works because there are different approaches to the problem.

Alcoholism treatment in Utah consists of three steps; stop from drinking alcoholic beverages, detoxification and treatment. Regardless of whether the patient is treated as an inpatient or an outpatient the steps are the same. Treatment varies depending on the alcoholic; methods employed include drugs, counseling and admission into a support group. In many cases to successfully combat the horrors of alcoholism all three treatment methods are combined, it all depends on the size of the problem and its complexity.

As the name implies, an outpatient program is one which is conducted outside a treatment center or medical facility. An outpatient program is an ideal alcoholism treatment in Utah for a person with only moderate signs of alcohol abuse. For an outpatient program to be successful, the patient must be backed up by a support group at home. The members of the alcoholic’s family and friends will be needed to give encouragement and comfort during the detoxification process. Leaving alcohol behind can be very difficult and having people around that truly care makes the process easier. As a person weans off alcohol symptoms such as nausea and an elevated heart rate are to be expected.

For those people that are suffering severe alcoholism the best approach is an inpatient treatment program, it may also be necessary to commit a person who relapses into an inpatient program. The symptoms of severe alcoholism include not only nausea and a higher than normal heart rate, they include blackouts, hallucinations and seizures. An alcoholic that has reached this stage must be admitted to an inpatient facility where he or she can be treated under controlled conditions.

During the detox process the doctor will often use drugs such as Naltrexone and Disulfiram to ease the alcoholic through the withdrawal symptoms. During this time the doctor may also prescribe a sedative which helps the patient through the most severe of symptoms.

There are several methods of counseling that are part of alcoholism treatment in Utah, the most well known of which is AA; Alcoholics Anonymous. Other programs are based on cognitive behavioral therapy and motivation, the counseling sessions are normal once the individual has been released from the inpatient facility.

Treating alcoholism is a lifelong process, with the help of effective alcoholism treatment in Utah and the support of family and friends the chances of success are high.

Alcohol rehab and alcohol treatment in Utah is one of the primary concerns of the professionals at the Alpine Recovery Lodge. If you have a loved one that suffers from excessive consumption of alcohol you are invited to contact the Alpine Recovery Lodge, they are there to help.

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