Different Options for Terrazzo Shower Floors

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on May, 2018

If you aren’t familiar with terrazzo, it is a beautiful material made of marble and glass chips combined with concrete and given a polished finish. This is an elegant, luxurious material that has been popular for hundreds of years. Many people use terrazzo as a floor material. It provides an inexpensive tiling material that is nice to look at. However, there are other places where terrazzo can be a big hit. Even in the bathroom.

Why Bathroom Floors

There are two major advantages when choosing a terrazzo shower floor or bathroom floor, in general. The first is that this material is super durable and low-maintenance. Provided it is given some amount of care, it can last for decades or even longer. The second advantage lies in the non-porous nature of terrazzo. This makes the floor material resistant to both stains and water, which can be common in a bathroom.

Style Matters

Those are the many practical reasons to choose a terrazzo shower floor, but there are also many reasons that may not have a foundation in logic or practicality. This tile material comes in as many colors as you can imagine, with color combinations that are as diverse. You can choose a monochrome option for a bathroom that is meant to look modern and simple. If you want something a bit more opulent, a mosaic or bold pattern can be the right decision.

However, do be aware that every terrazzo floor is different by virtue of the way it’s manufactured. If that bothers you, it may not be the right option for your home.

Consider the Application

As we mentioned, terrazzo comes in endless varieties. Some of the floors are best outside while others are best inside. Non-porous terrazzo is wonderful for a bathroom or kitchen, but for remodels, an epoxy resin-based terrazzo can be installed over the existing floor. This is the best choice for a pre-existing bathroom or kitchen. There are also polyacrylate systems which help resist UV rays but may not come in quite as many colors as other options.

There are many options for making your shower floor unique by using terrazzo. Anything you can imagine can be a reality if you choose the best possible materials and know an experienced floor installation technician. If you are interested in ordering terrazzo for your home, visit Trend Terrazzo Tile at www.TrendTerrazzo.com.

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