Dependable X-Ray Tubes

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2019

Shopping for blue-chip X-ray tubes no longer has to be a hassle for anyone. People who want access to a vast assortment of tubes for X-ray purposes can look to the team at MXR or “Micro X-Ray Inc.” in Santa Cruz, California. The renowned manufacturer creates shielded tubes, packaged tubes and glass tubes. The construction of X-ray tubes is highly intricate. It entails elements that go beyond putting together glass and metal, too. The team members who represent Micro X-Ray Inc. have in-depth proficiency that relates to all facets of small focal spot Xray tubes.

Glass X-ray tubes that are part of the “mini-focus” classification are accessible through Micro X-Ray Inc. Beryllium windows are in many cases part of these tubes. People can go for wide beam angle, high stability and small focal spot choices as they desire. X-ray tubes that are under the “micro focus” umbrella are on hand for people who turn to Micro X-Ray Inc. as well. These tubes can come in handy for individuals who want to go for focal spots that are particularly tiny. Five micron focal spots are no issue. These tubes can be optimal for uses that pertain to the imaging of compact parts.

People who want to find out more about Micro X-Ray Inc. and its choices can always turn to in-depth customer support. The company has a hotline that is accessible to customers regardless of the time. It’s a 24-hour hotline that has the guidance of knowledgeable and efficient professionals. Micro X-Ray Inc. knows all about products that can be appropriate for imaging, the gauging of thickness levels and even X-ray fluorescence. If you want to learn all about small focal spot Xray tubes, contact Micro X-Ray Inc. now. These professionals are well-versed in sX-ray laboratories, research and thorough electronics assessments.

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