Dental Care For The Entire Family

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2016

It is hard enough to find a dentist for yourself, it is even harder to find Chicago dentists that have the skills and technique to attend to the dental needs of everyone in your family, including youngsters.

Family Dentist vs. General Dentist:

Family dentists in Chicago are general dentists that have specialized in providing dental services to adults as well as children. These dentists have the skills and actions necessary in order to deal with young patients; youngsters are very different, they have different fears and they need to be focused using different methods than used when treating adults. It is at this time when children can be frightened to the point where they will shy away from dental care when they grow into adults. Family dentists need to know how to deal with patients of all ages, children with their first teeth as well as their adult teeth over time.

General dentists are great but they do not specialize in any particular field of the profession. General dentists are ideal for older patients and are better equipped to deal with emergency cases. This does not by any means indicate that their education is not the same as a family practitioner; it simply means that the expertise of a general dentist lies more in the area of cleaning, repair and maintenance of adult teeth rather than children’s teeth.

How to choose the best Chicago dentists:

When you are looking to establish a relationship with a family dentist have more than one candidate in mind. The experience of the dentists is vital; ask the candidates directly how long they have been practicing family dentistry. Look for their credentials and awards that are invariably displayed on the walls in their clinic. If you have arrived at this dentist via recommendation from a friend, neighbor, work mate, etc, find out first how they see the dentist’s services. Reliability, caring, a good “bedside manner” is all important.

The Chicago dentists that you settle on should be up to date on all the latest technologies and tools that are part of a twenty first century dental practice. The best dentists never stop learning; they attend classes regularly to maintain their awareness of new discoveries and new techniques for treating their patients. Perhaps the last thing you should consider is cost, find out what the financial policy of the practice is and what insurance companies they work with.

When you are looking for Chicago dentists you will no doubt have your own selection criteria. At the Art of Modern Dentistry you will find general, pediatric; cosmetic as well as specialty services using advanced technology.