Dealing With Water Damage To Commercial Premises In Philadelphia

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on November, 2015

We all know that water flows down hill to find its own level and, in it is stopped from becoming a thin layer, covering the entire Earth’s surface, by the creation of sink holes, ponds, creeks, lakes, rivers and oceans; which all serve to constrain the water flows within certain boundaries. When excessive rainfall brings unusually large volumes of water down to the ground; these constraints can be overwhelmed and flooding will result. Once the rains stop, the floods will recede back within their old constraints. However, during the flood, when water is flowing along new courses, the water will pick up many things and carry them along – notably soil but also rocks and uprooted vegetation. Once the waters recede; much of this accumulation will be deposited in a new place. This was all fine and natural in a primeval setting; but can be, at best, a nuisance to human habitation – at worst, it can be a disaster.

Flooded Shops, Offices And Other Commercial Premises

Even today, there are suburbs in Philadelphia that are susceptible to flash flooding during heavy rain storms. When this happens, the streets will be awash with water that not only carries natural detritus but also contamination from the likes of sewerage. After the flood, it might be straightforward to clean up the streets; but, what about water that may have entered any number of roadside premises? Cleaning up such Commercial Water Damage In Philadelphia can be a major undertaking, often requiring the services of specialized contractors.

Not Only Natural Flooding

Any commercial building is going to have a water supply and many of them will be consuming quite a lot of water on a daily basis. Not only bathrooms and washrooms but things like restaurant kitchens and dish washing facilities as well. In these premises, the water is constrained within pipes, tanks or cisterns, etc and used in basins, machinery/appliances, etc until it is disposed of through more pipes into sewerage and other runoff systems. Faucets do get left open, pipes, pumps and valves do develop leaks and tanks can burst – all of which will release the water (hopefully, only an easily mopped up small amount; but, a localized flood situation is also quite possible).

Both Short Term & Long Term Water Damage

Whatever caused it; any collected water needs to be quickly removed from the premises which then have to be thoroughly cleaned and dried out. This is not only for appearances sake; Philadelphia is full of air and water borne mold spores that are waiting to colonize any damp place. When contractors like Eco Tech Mold Removal Company are clearing up Commercial Water Damage In Philadelphia area; they will also take action to prevent future build up of mold on the premises.

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