Curating the playlist: how to work with your wedding DJ

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on July, 2017

Music is an important part of the wedding ceremony and celebrations, especially during the reception. For most people, it is a decision between leaving everything to the DJ or having a curated playlist that they prepared themselves. There is a middle ground, though. If you want appropriate music that is both uniquely your style and will appeal to the audience, and yet still want to enjoy the professionality of a DJ, you can actively participate in choosing the kind of music they will play at the wedding. Here are a few tips when it comes to the choice of the music that should be followed when making these choices;

The Audience

This is one thing most people take for granted. Unless the wedding party is huge and includes friends of friends or fringe acquaintances, everyone has some idea of whom they are inviting to the wedding. Do not be the couple that ignores the guests and their preferences in favor of their own taste. The wedding will only be enjoyable if as many people as possible are dancing. It is not only a big day for the newlyweds but also for the guests.

The Common Songs

There are a few wedding songs that have been so overplayed that they have lost their appeal. The best wedding DJ in Charleston, SC will likely have a few of these on their no play list. However, perceptions are different, and the reason for this collaboration is so that songs that have become bland do not populate the playlist on the big day. Agree on the special songs as well as the common ones that everyone loves. Most of the time, the DJ will likely have additions they would prefer in the playlist. These should not pass without any scrutiny.

Not just music

Remember, there is more to the success of the wedding musically than just the playlist. Take this opportunity to check out the DJ equipment and plan for where and how they will set up on a material day. Do they come with their own music system, or will one have to make additions?

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