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by | Apr 2, 2019 | Furniture

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It has been said that good ideas never never fade away. This can be said for styles of furniture and cabinets that create space in our homes. Having a situation where there isn’t enough room in a house or apartment for all of the family members is nothing new. As well, having to incorporate space and appropriate it for another function is something that we all have to do at some time or another. When moving is not an option, utilizing the rooms we have wisely is our only recourse.

Murphy Beds are an excellent way to use the space you have for more than one purpose. It allows a den to become a bedroom at night, or a bedroom to be used as a living room during the day. Often referred to as “panel beds” and seen in movies, this style of bed was once a regular part of many apartments. It allowed one’s bedding not to be seen by prying eyes during the day. Manhattan Cabinetry Inc. designs Murphy Beds whose beauty blends flawlessly with the style of furniture you choose for your home.

They can craft a custom made bed for you in a variety of formats and sizes. Your bed can be tucked into a cabinet either as a stand-alone unit or as part of a wall of cabinets and shelves. Their team can also design and build any style of panel bed to fit into a space in your home that has a particular size that does not usually meet the norm.

Not only are these fold away beds unique, but they will free up much needed footage in your home. When you have to cope with the lack of space afforded many urban living environments, this style of bed grants much needed square footage. Along with carefully finished woods, the double construction of these beds allows for the reinforced strength that can take the weight of a well weighted mattress. Tucked into their cabinet when they are not in use or unfolded, these beds in Suffolk County NY have the advantage of offering a distinct design advantage that everyone can use.

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