Create A Rustic Table With A Burlap Runner

Giving a dinner party doesn’t automatically mean you need to set a fancy, upscale table. In fact, rustically themed parties are very popular today. Setting a rustic table is simple, and ensures you won’t have to spend a lot of time fussing over fancy items. Here are some tips for your rustic table.

1. Use burlap – Choose a burlap runner or table cloth. These are easy to find and inexpensive. If you can’t find a burlap runner or table cloth, you can easily make one yourself by purchasing inexpensive burlap material from the fabric store.

2. Use log slices as chargers – Simple log slices that are slightly larger than your dinner plates make perfect chargers. You can slice the log yourself, or buy these from a craft store. You can also use one in the center of your table under your centerpiece.

3. Decorate with simple flowers – Sunflowers, zinnias, and baby’s breath are perfect flower choices for your centerpiece. Choose a quart mason jar for a vase. Use pint mason jars for drinking glasses, if you desire. Both quart and Mason jars are also available in green and blue if you want to add some color.

4. Mismatch your china – Choose dinner plates that coordinate well with each other, but that do not match exactly to complete your table. Mismatched china immediately provides a unique and relaxed feel that works well with rustic items. If you only own matching china, choose a color palate, that you like, and then scour flea markets and yard sales for individual plates that work well together. You can get great deals on china when only a few pieces are available.

With these simple tips, you’ll find it’s easy to create a casual and beautiful rustic table. Once you’ve seen how pretty rustic items can be, this may be your new “go to” look.

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