Create A Classic And Timeless Look With French Pattern Marble

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Home and Garden

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Whether your home is rustic, traditional, European or even French provincial in décor and design, choosing a French pattern marble for the flooring in one room or the entire home is an excellent choice. The versatility and classic design of this pattern and the beautiful depth and colors in marble make it more than a just a floor, it is an addition to the entire look of your home.

The French pattern marble design is not new. In fact, this pattern of flooring can be seen in The Palace of Versailles, which was first used by royalty in 1664, and then become the center of political power in 1682. It is a royal chateau, originally built in the country but now just a short distance of about 12 miles from the heart of Paris. This is the first known use of this unique flooring pattern, is why the design may also be known as the Versailles pattern.

The Pattern Basics

Flooring featuring the French pattern marble design uses four different sizes of tiles. There is a large and small square and a large and small rectangle. The dimensions of the tiles are 16 x 16, 8 x 8, 16 x 24 and 8 x 16 inches.

These tiles are placed to fit into each other, creating a shape that repeats throughout the floor. However, because of the design of the French pattern marble and the different tile sizes and shapes, there are no grout lines running the horizontal or vertical lengths of the room.

The result of choosing a French pattern marble design is a floor that seems to flow, giving a look of timeless elegance with sophisticated style. The pattern is subtle, almost tantalizing the eye to trace the different sizes and shapes of the tile across the floor.

Types of Marble

When using the French pattern marble design, all types of marble and travertine tiles look spectacular. For a very classic and upscale look consider a polished tile, which will have a lovely shine to reflect the subtle colors in the marble.

Honed marble provides a more satin look to the surface of the flooring, and it matches beautifully with the French pattern marble. The colors of the marble are earthy and very natural looking, a perfect addition to a kitchen, bathroom or any living space inside or out.

The French pattern marble is a very versatile option in flooring for the interior of the home, as well as for pavers for the exterior areas such as decks and patios.

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