Considering Options for New Swimming Pools in Islip, NY

Posted by Daniel lawrence on April, 2016

The idea of installing a pool in the back yard sounds great, but there are a lot of details to work out. Fortunately, a contractor who has experience with swimming pools in Islip NY can help the client come up with the right choice. Here are some of the points that must be settled before the installation can move forward.

In the Ground or Above the Ground?

There are two types of Swimming Pools in Islip NY to consider. The first is a pool that is installed in the ground. With this choice, there is the need to bring in excavating equipment and run plumbing that will be used to fill the pool and empty it from time to time.

Another option is to go with an above ground design. This one will require leveling a section of the back yard and ensuring it is free of any type of sharp rocks that could puncture the pool bottom. One of the benefits of this type of pool design is that it can be installed quickly and dismantled for transport if the owner decides to move in a few years.

Pool Size

How large does the pool have to be in order to provide the benefits desired? The contractor can recommend sizes based on the square footage in the back yard and how far away from the property lines the pool must reside. It also helps to consider any other uses the homeowner has for the back yard, such as space to set up a grill and room for a sandbox for the kids. By taking all these factors into consideration, it is possible to determine the maximum amount of space that can be allocated for the pool.

The Cost

Not everyone has unlimited funds to spend on backyard swimming pools. A contractor can work with the client to come up with ideas based on the amount of money available for the project. Even if the plan is to finance all or part of the expense, it helps to ensure that the cost does not place excessive stress on the family budget.

For homeowners who are ready to move forward with a pool installation, Browse our website today and take a look at the different options. With a little time and effort, there is no reason that the new pool can’t be in place before summer arrives.

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