Consequences Of A Hit And Run Accident Case

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on October, 2017

If you are a victim of a hit and run driver, the consequences for fleeing the scene of an accident are very different and certainly more severe than had the other driver stayed at the scene. In many cases it will take the skills of seasoned car accident attorneys in Mobile AL to determine and pursue the recovery options.

The driver of a vehicle that is involved in an accident has certain obligations. In the event the accident resulted in injuries, the driver that was not injured, regardless of blame at this time is required by law to contact the emergency services; police and ambulance. Another obligation is exchanging information including personal details and insurance details. Needless to say, these expectations will not be met in the event that one of the drivers leaves the scene.

Civil liability and compensation:

Unfortunately, victims of a hit and run driver often have to turn to their insurance company for compensation. If the hit and run driver cannot be located through witness ID, video evidence or reporting to the police it will not be possible to sue for compensation.

In a case like this there are ways and means for you to get compensation. In Alabama, which is an at-fault state, the option most often used is to make an uninsured motorist claim. It can be a challenge to prove this, the insurance company has no accident report to refer to or no witnesses to confirm your allegation and as such they will more often than not reject your claim. This is when it is wise to hire car accident attorneys in Mobile AL, they have their ways to gather what evidence there may be and know how to prepare and file a claim that is most likely to result in compensation.

In the event the hit and run driver can be located and identified, he or she will not only face a civil suit for compensation; they also may also face a criminal charge of leaving the scene of an accident.

If you have been involved in an accident and the other driver left the scene you should hire experienced car accident attorneys in Mobile AL. To discuss the circumstances of the accident you are invited to contact The Law Office of Gary W. Fillingim, L.L.C. Like us on our facebook page.

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