Concrete Paving or Concrete Pavers for Driveways

by | Jan 15, 2015 | Business

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Several options are available for decorative residential concrete to create a distinctive look for residential driveways. The main options include concrete pavers or stamped decorative concrete paving. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, but there are several factors that make concrete paving a great choice for attractive and durable driveways.

Homeowners have more versatility with concrete paving, compared with pavers. Concrete paving can be stamped in a virtually unlimited number of unique designs and paving offers many more options for patterns and designs. Additionally, the concrete stamps can be customized, if desired, which provides greater control over the finished look of the project.

When selecting a material for use on a residential driveway, strength and durability are important considerations. Generally, the strength and integrity of the finished surface is better with concrete paving, compared with pavers. Paving also offers maintenance advantages over concrete pavers. There will be no weeds growing in the middle of the driveway, as tends to occur between the pavers. Cracks can occur in either material and are more complicated to repair in paving, but sealing the concrete helps to maintain the surface.

The pricing difference between pavers and concrete paving depends on the size of the project. Pavers win for very small spaces, but for larger jobs, the price difference between the two materials is not significant. Because concrete paving lasts about twice as long as pavers, this method offers the added benefit of lasting value.

Hire an Experienced Concrete Paving Contractor

Concrete paving is not a do it yourself job. A great finish is produced by properly pouring and leveling the concrete and precision stamping. Poorly constructed concrete paving will not provide the results you want. It is essential to have a knowledgeable concrete contractor with the training and equipment to create a flat and smooth concrete surface that will last. The entire paving process is faster with an experienced contractor.

Take the time to research and ask questions to determine the expertise of the contractor. You want a contractor that is licensed, fully insured, and financially stable. Ask about the past residential and commercial paving projects that the company has completed in the past to avoid hiring a contractor with insufficient experience. You want to choose a contractor with experience in the specific work you want done and the technology, equipment, and skilled workforce to get the job done right.

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