Computer Repair Services in Salinas Continue a Long Tradition of Innovation

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Computers

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As the name suggests, a computer repair technician is someone who fixes computers. This person maintains and/or repairs servers as well as computers. Typically, they are responsible for building or assembling the hardware, installing and maintaining software, and maintaining networks. These services can be offered by an in-house IT department or by an external company. A computer repair services in Salinas, California, for example, might focus on third-party repair technicians. The industry in Birmingham, Alabama, however, might focus on in-house repair technicians. The difference is really just a preference by the different businesses.

Private vs. Commercial

A big divide between in-house computer repair services and third-party technicians is the private versus commercial divide. In a private setting such as a home, one will most likely not have an in-house repair technician. Typically, a household only has a few computers and perhaps, a few smartphones. Keeping a computer repair person around the way one might keep a nanny, or a maid in the house would not be financially sound. Very rarely would he or she be needed. Because of this, most people choose to call someone else to fix their computers, or they take their computers to a brick and mortar store where they are fixed.

In a commercial setting, the choice is not quite so clear. For a small business with only a few computers and smartphones, it might not be feasible or necessary to keep an in-house IT specialist. If the computer networks are fairly small, then they will not need much maintaining. These businesses typically call a third party. However, in a larger corporate setting, the IT department might be in-house. These would be employees of the company itself tasked with maintaining, updating, and repairing the different computer systems and networks throughout the business.


Public libraries also tend to use in-house computer systems. Only the larger municipalities have libraries large enough to support a dedicated IT department, though. Public libraries, water boards, zoning commissions, and other such public entities tend to have dedicated computer repair services. These places are oftentimes as large as the local corporations and must adhere to strict government regulations. Because of all the oversight and regulation, their systems are very complex.

Also, some of the information stored on the networks and servers might be sensitive information that cannot be made available to outside entities. Because of the sensitive nature of some of the information, everyone who sees it must be authorized to see it. This includes the person repairing the computers or updating the operating systems.

The IT industry has been growing rapidly. The industry began in the 1940s when computers started to enter military use. The specialists who dealt with these massive machines were uniquely skilled. The industry has been growing ever since. As technology has begun to progress more quickly, so has the industry to make sure that it runs smoothly.

We are responsible for building or assembling the hardware, installing and maintaining software, and maintaining networks.

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