Common Electrical Services in Port St. Lucie for Your Generator

Electrical services are described as the transmission or distribution of electricity by any technique, such as a direct electrical line or a generator. If you use a generator, you should get it maintained on a routine basis to avoid generator breakdown concerns in the future. Regular generator maintenance can help your generator retain performance and offer backup power for several years to come.

When considering electrical services in Port St. Lucie for your generator, take this into consideration: how frequently do you use the power source? Generators that are used regularly will require service more frequently than emergency generators that are used infrequently. Regardless of usage, all generators need basic maintenance.

Generator Cleaning

Every six months the generator should be cleaned and inspected for leakage.

Oil Change

To maximize the generator’s functionality, oil should be replaced after 50 to 60 hours of operation.

Oil Filter Replacement

Oil filters should be changed anytime oil is changed to ensure that the fresh oil is adequately screened.

Air Filter Replacement

Air filters should be replaced once a year. Filthy air filters will not be able to pull the necessary amount of pure air.

Replace the Spark Plugs

The generator’s spark plugs should be changed after 100 hours of operation. It should also be checked during generator maintenance to verify that it is not worn or damaged.

Check Battery

The battery power level, as well as the battery’s overall condition, should be examined regularly. Make sure there is no corrosion on the battery or its connections. If you need electrical services in Port St. Lucie, consider a reputable company such as Energized Electric. They will help you fix the issue.

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