Collision Centers Repair Vehicles With Body Damage for These Common Reasons

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Automotive

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Every year in the United States, some 6 million motor vehicle accidents take place. Although fewer than 40,000 American are killed each year from complications stemming from car accidents, many millions of crashes result in major auto body damage. Here are a few of the most common types of collisions and accidents that result in necessary auto body damage for the only vehicle, both vehicles, or all vehicles involved.

Most auto accidents that cause body damage aren’t major, catastrophic accidents that are capable of taking drivers’ and passengers’ lives. One of these basic types of car crashes is the fender bender.

The most common type of fender bender is where an inattentive driver fails to hit the brakes soon or sharply enough, causing their vehicle to jut into the bumper of the vehicle directly in front of them. Fenders and bumpers, which are outfitted on the fronts and backs of vehicles, respectively, are not necessary for proper vehicular performance.

Although they’re quite minor, one of the most common instances of auto body damage is the dent, nick, or scratch caused by nearby cars’ doors. Most people have had their vehicles dented by other car doors, though many fail to exercise caution in opening and closing vehicle doors.

Heavy, severe bouts of precipitation, particularly solid precipitation in the form of hail – and sometimes sleet or freezing rain – are known to cause auto body damage. If you fail to seek cover for your vehicle prior to an episode of hail passing through, you might find yourself needing the help of a collision center in Phoenix, AZ.

If you have recently experienced auto body damage, you could use the services of a collision center in Phoenix, AZ. At Dynasty Collision, each one of our team members feels confident that we are one of the best collision centers around the greater Phoenix area. Contact us today at.

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