Clear Erase Wall Coverings for Home and Office Use

by | Dec 16, 2014 | Home and Garden

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Clear erase paints are gaining fast popularity because they can convert any portion of a wall into a whiteboard surface. It is not only commonly used in offices but also in homes.

In offices they are used extensively because employees no longer have to depend on the limited space offered by a white board. Instead, they can create their presentations comprehensively on the walls. In homes they are used by those who don’t want a permanent design on their walls and would like to get creative with wall decoration. The best thing is, in order to apply dry erase paints on your walls, you don’t have to compromise with the present color of your walls. Apart from the walls in your bedroom, you can apply clear erase paints in your kitchen or in your children’s rooms, where you can create your to-do lists or set reminders for your kids.

Applying the Paint

These paints can be simply applied over any light color wall paint. After application, and once they dry up, you can start writing all over the walls without having to worry about any damages. If you want to erase whatever you have drawn or written on the wall, just clean it with a soft cloth or an eraser.

Numerous Opportunities with Clear Erase Paint

The possibilities with clear erase paints are wide and varied. They are perfect for use in educational institutions, hospitals, and corporate set ups. Also, they can be installed on walls with different texture, or on old blackboards or furniture frames, for example. Along with being functional, the clear erase paint and wall coverings are convenient to use, as well. They are usually applied horizontally, which is why there are no seams on the entire walls on which you can write or draw without any hassle. They are easy to wipe off, so they look very clean and make your room look neat and tidy.

Durability and Warranty

Owing to their durability, the top quality clear erase paints do not become yellow with time and use. They come with at least eight years of warranty with a guarantee to remain in perfect condition, even in the commercial set ups that receive high volume of traffic.

Safe to Use

Clear erase paint is odorless and does not release any fumes, so they even can be applied when people are working in the same room. Also, owing to lower VOC content in them, they are safe products to be used, even in the kids’ bedrooms.

So if you have decided to go for clear erase paints, make sure that your surface is smooth and is in good condition before you start applying it, as any scuff or stain might show through. Find a reliable vendor for your paint or wall covering, and transform your space into a high-profile one.

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