Cleaning Tips to Make Your Terrazo Floors Last Longer

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on February, 2016

Your terrazzo floors are all about low-cost durability and style. However, over the years, your floors will turn grimy, stubborn stains come to stay, and dirt becomes an ingrained part of your floor. Don’t let these things ruin dull the shine and polish of your floors. However, before you whip out your mop and start scrubbing away at the dirt like there’s no tomorrow, pick up a few things from DoItYourself to keep an eye out for any cleaning mistakes:

It’s not Granite
Terrazzo floors aren’t made up of granite. They’re a combination marble chips and concrete. It was a style made popular during the Venetian and Roman times, marble being used almost exclusively for furniture, artwork pieces like sculpture, ad floors. They’re cost-effective and sturdy, requiring little to no maintenance. However, they are softer than granite so they show wear and stain much more easily than granite floors do.

Vinegar is a Huge No-No
Vinegar is one of the most common cleaners you can find in your kitchen. However, you should keep that all-natural cleaner well away from your terrazzo floors. The acidic nature of vinegar will dull and etch on the surface of your floor. You’ll need to buff and refinish any sections that suffer from a single drop.

Keep it Simple
Remember that there’s a thin layer of wax on your terrazzo floor. This layer helps keep your floors shiny and polished to a beam. Using harsh cleaning techniques and cleaners, though, can take this layer away, exposing your floor to spills, stains, and dirt that might prove much harder to wipe away. So what do you do to keep it clean? Simple. Just use a dry and soft cloth. Go for lint-free fabrics. Then use that to wipe away the dirt. You won’t have to scrub the area or use water and other chemicals to keep your floors clean.

Be Quick to Clean Up Spills
Try not to let spills last for more than a few seconds. If you’re the type to simply look at a spill and get back to it later, don’t. While the floor isn’t absorbent, the water does add surface wear to your floors, reducing its shine. Also, the longer you wait to clean that spill, the bigger the chance that it might stain.

So make sure that you handle your terrazzo floor cleaning the proper way. If you do, you can look forward to many years of living with beautiful and durable terrazzo floors in your home.

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