Choosing the Right Frames for Your Face Shape Makes You Stylish in NYC

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on February, 2020

New Yorkers are some of the most stylish people in the country. They make sure their full ensemble is a showstopper from head to toe. This includes eyeglasses. While others may just pick frames that fit their budget, New Yorkers pick frames to fit their face shape. In this quick guide, we’ll tell you how New Yorkers choose the best

eyeglass frames in NYC for their face shapes.

Oval Face

An oval face shape is the most balanced face shape. This means that oval faces look good in almost any type of frame. As long as you make sure the frame is the same width or wider as that of the widest part of your face, you have the most versatility out of all face shapes.

Oblong Face

Like oval faces, oblong faces look good in almost anything. However, geometric-shaped glasses (like square or rectangle) looks the best on oblong faces.

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are slightly wider at the top than they are the bottom. The key is to balance the shape out by not drawing attention to the wide part of your face. You can do this with frames that are thin and light. You can also try rimless glasses.

There are a lot more face shapes than these. These are the three most common shapes and there are plenty of eyeglass frames in NYC to make these face shapes look good. Charlotte Jones Opticians is a boutique eyeglass shop that can get you the latest looks. Find out more at website domain.