Choosing the Right Banquet Hall for a Corporate Event

Posted by Alex on July, 2015

Searching for a banquet hall for corporate event activities often means finding a facility that offers a variety of rooms for different events that are scheduled during the same period of time. Companies will often take advantage of having everyone together in one place by also scheduling meetings, offer training and more. Here are a few of the uses that are often requested when a hall is being reviewed.

Space for Meetings

Different departments meet during corporate events. A company may need only one room, or they may be searching for two or three to accommodate different groups. Their needs could be for meeting space, to offer new-hire training or even to host invited speakers. In each room, there needs to be enough space for all attendees, WI-FI service with plenty of access to power and room for other multi-media equipment.

Large Dining Space

Many annual events include an awards ceremony as well as a meal. A large banquet hall should have a room that can meet this need too. There should be room enough for comfortable seating while dining, with enough space left over for a speaker to be able to gain the attention of the crowd. A sound system, in-house catering service and a full wait staff, will make the entire planning process much easier.

Parking and Location

You do not want a hall that is tucked away on the outskirts of town and impossible for people to find. A central location that is simple to get to will make attending easier for everyone. Ample parking is important too, so be certain there are enough parking spaces for everyone that will be expected to attend.

The La Fontaine Reception Hall is a popular destination for weddings and anniversaries, but they are also an elegant choice for corporate events are well. Their large dining hall makes it easy to provide refreshments for the crowd and their generously sized meeting rooms are perfect for any corporate meeting or seminar. In addition, they have a fully trained professional staff that will tend to the needs of all guests from the moment arrive until they leave.

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