Choosing Firearms for Sale in Davenport, IA

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Outdoor Sports Store

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Firearms are classified in several different ways. Determining which firearm is right for you depends on your needs. If you’re looking to go hunting, you’ll likely want a long gun. A rifle or a shotgun is common for hunting. If you’re looking for target practice or a concealed carry firearm, you might want a pistol. There are firearms for sale in different calibers, sizes, and functions. Here is a quick guide in determining which firearm is right for you.


Calibers are in standard sizing or in metric. If you see firearms for sale in Davenport, IA that are classified as .308 or .223 or some other decimal figure, they are using standard measurements. The size refers to the diameter of the bullet. Also, each classification is specific to a certain kind of bullet. So a .45 Long Colt bullet will be .45 inches in diameter and a standard length as well. They’ll fit any .45LC firearm.

Alternately, you can find firearms chambered for rounds in millimeters. The millimeters are the diameter of the bullet as well. Oftentimes, a standard bullet will correspond to a millimeter bullet. For example, a .223 bullet and a 5.56 x45mm are going to be the same size. Depending on who manufactured them, they might be a different weight and powder load, but they are the same size. You can browse our website to see different types of calibers.


The action of firearms for sale is how they cycle through bullets. Single-action revolvers have to be manually cocked to cycle to the next round so the gun can be fired. A double-action revolver cycles to the next bullet, cocks, and fires with every pull of the trigger. A semi-automatic firearm, sometimes called an automatic firearm, cycles to the next bullet and cocks automatically after each round is fired. They use the force of the blowback to cycle to the next bullet. These are the most common types of firearm actions in the United States.

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