Choosing a Metal Ceiling in New Haven CT for a Rustic Residence

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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Some property owners dream of having a brand new home built to look very rustic, such as a big log cabin or a post-frame house in the pole barn style. Subcontractors who can install a Metal Ceiling in New Haven CT can add to this impact with tiles made of tin or similar materials. Interest in this type of decor is strong, as evidenced by forums and websites in which people display photos of ideas they’re collecting.

Possible Design Effects

The effect can look old-fashioned and very country. The atmosphere of a traditional farmhouse can be created this way, as can the impression of a building that has been standing for more than 200 years. Although this rustic style is more common in rural settings, it can be particularly intriguing in an urban or suburban environment as a contrast to the neighborhood residences.

Accent Pieces

The tiles for a Metal Ceiling in New Haven CT can also be used for visual points of interest, such as backsplashes behind the sink and stove. Those tiles might match the kitchen ceiling, or they might be complementary but not the same in design and color. Accent tiles also can be placed in areas above doorways or wood wainscoting. Some homeowners like to have the entire wainscoting feature made from metal tiles.

Locations for Metal Ceilings

The ceiling can be installed throughout the entire house or only in specific rooms. In this type of home, some rooms might have a wood tongue-and-groove ceiling design while others have metal tiles. Property owners might consider that commercial hospitality establishments that include metal ceilings typically have those features in bars and public dining rooms, but not in other communal areas or guest rooms.

Available Products

In addition to tin, a contractor like Abingdon Construction provides tiles made of materials such as solid copper and copper plated, stainless steel and brass. Custom colors also are available so clients can achieve the precise effect they want in their homes and businesses. Clients might choose green, rose or blue for an unusual and noteworthy design impact. Visit to learn more about this particular contractor.

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