Choose a Shipping Company That Cares About Your Art

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on April, 2018

Shipping artwork is a delicate endeavor. Not only are you dealing with incredibly light and fragile materials that could break under sometimes the slightest pressure, you’re also likely moving them a significant distance. There are ways of transporting artwork safe and sound. One way of doing this is by following a simple set of goals and guidelines. If you are looking for a company that specializes in art shipping in New York, here are the top three goals that should be on your mind that you want the business you decide on to follow.

#1. Safety

One mistake, and you might end up delivering a broken piece of junk to the art museum. One of the phone calls that every shipping company dreads hearing is that of a client complaining that the artwork they spent hard-earned money on arrived in pieces. Every shipping company, especially those that specialize in the transport of art, should have safety, careful planning, and even more careful packing, as their top priorities. This is essential when you are handling priceless works of art.

#2. Professionalism

It goes without saying but should be repeated nonetheless. Clients typically expect professionalism out of whatever company they work with. Doubly so for companies that deal with delivering expensive art pieces to their clients. Every action performed by the shipping company should be in pursuit of convincing their client that they spent their money well, and that they will be receiving not just an intact piece of art, but a completely untouched masterpiece. The art in question must be handled with a care and gentleness normally reserved for infants, both in the name of getting it to the client safe and sound, and also in the name of professional pride.

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